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Stacy "Stacky"
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United States
Hey guys! Welcome to my dA page! You're probably bored and looking at random profiles, aren't you? Don't lie, why else would you be here? :XD: Maybe you're actually here for a reason, who knows.

A little bit about me, I'm a teenage tomboy who spends most of my free time on YouTube, but as you can see by what I post here, I also do quite a lot of drawing, and I should work on my fanfictions more often.....

Anyway! Speaking of YouTube, I would REALLY appreciate it if you would check out my channel, or more importantly, my channel that I share with my best friend. The dream that my best friend and I share is making a living being YouTubers. Every day we're inspired by our favorite video-makers, having our bad days brightened, and just laughing away any worries in general. We want so much to make the same impact on others while doing something we love, you know, make a difference in the world the same way the people we admire do. Links at da bottom of the bio thingy

Alright, enough of my hopes and dreams, since that whole section was probably boring... :giggle: But that's what I wanna do with my life, make people happy while doing something I love! Isn't that what everyone wants? :meow:

You like explosions or violence or video games or geeky TV shows? Woo talk to me bro :dummy: That was so vague omg I'm sorry

Alright, I have nothing else to say...? You should probably check out my stamps below... Ye...

Cars Logo - Stamp by KristySK- Cars 2 Spy-Mode Stamp - by toonarttPlanes Stamp by FelineMythI :heart: the Doctor by redshadow-onlineDisney Frozen Stamp by TwilightProwlerMinecraft Stamp by kimbo2450LEGO Fan stamp rev_3 by kiowapilotOutlast stamp by JayyburddPhineas and Ferb by impersonalinfoServe the Lord Stamp Updated by Stacky422Team Avatar by carenviniegraPSYCH You Out In The End by azianwolfdollSupernatural Stamp by pixelworldsGruuuu-vin' by azianwolfdollSherlock by AnawiellePercy Jackson and the Olympians stamp by Hoke-of-HockHarry Potter: Deathly Hallows by st-stampsfor narnia! by coco-kittenStar Wars by FlobelebelebobeleIndiana Jones Stamp by AndrewJHarmonVoyager Fan by Cindy-trekfanDreamWorks: Turbo Stamp by DIA-TLOAUncharted Stamp by konalleiLast of us stamp by giingaBeyond Two Souls Stamp by giingaTWD Game Stamp by angelbebop8A Third To the Moon Stamp by endlerBioshock Stamp by AlcaminYouTube by angelkittinIn Love With Someone Who Don't Know There's a Me by Stacky422I Respect Other Fandoms :) by Stacky422

And as long as you're here... Here are some awesome(and insane ;)) people and great friends of mine that you should check out. :)

:iconxionkhlover: My best fernd dat shares mah hopes and dreamssssss :D
:iconknitzyartista95: Love you,
:iconlunan95: Love you,
:iconmimimcawesome: Love you even though we havn't talked in a long time... Which is probably my fault
:iconthepopstar26: You're cool I guess
Kidding I love you too.... In a way xD
:iconwiseowl11: Another one of my best friends from middle school, even though she FREAKING NEVER USES HER DA :rofl:
:iconcjkelley333: Love you,
Aaaand more people that I've come to know and that tolerate me, even though I haven't talked to at least a quarter of them in a while... I don't even know who's fault that is anymore.
I wish I could give you a hug by CatusSnake

Account with :iconxionkhlover::…



Killed and robbed :iconcjkelley333: :lmao: 

1: What was your first Doctor Who episode?

2: Who is your favourite Doctor?
David Tennant. :meow: (Psst his good looks are a bonus btw he's my favorite cuz his Doctor is clever and funny :XD:)

3: Why?
Oh. Oops. :lmao: READ ABOVE? I'M LAZY LOL

4: Was he your first Doctor?
Nope! Christopher Eccleston werz. :meow: And he was FANTASTIC. (I'd say "see what I did there" BUT I DIDN'T EVEN MEAN TO DO THAT :rofl:)

5: Who is your favourite companion?
Donnaaaaa :dummy: 

6: Why?
I can relate to her in so many ways, and I just loved her character, she asked questions the companions usually didn't, she wasn't attracted to the Doctor, and she was funny and compassionate as well. :meow: Cried a bit much, but I'm sure most companions have...:P  PROBABLY THE ABSOLUTE WORST DESCRIPTION FOR A FAVORITE COMPANION BUT I'M DOING THIS IN A HURRY OKAY :XD:

7: What's your favourite episode?
Blink! :squee: 

8: What episode made you cry/ run out of the room in fear?
Blink. Ah yes Doctor Who... The show that made me scared of the dark again LITERALLY after I had JUST gotten over that fearrrr XP But I love the show so much omg

9: Favourite monster?
Weeping Angels!! Hence Blink, lol. xD

10: Least favourite monster?
Hm... I actually dunno. Maybe cybermen if I have to chose? But the cybermen are so brilliant I don't want to call them my least favorite... UGH I'll decide later. 

11: Would you like a jelly baby?

12: The Doctor has shown up in his TARDIS. How do you react?
If-NO. WHEN he lets me in I'll ask him to go pick up :iconcjkelley333: and we'll go on many adventures and what not

13: He offers you a trip. Where (and when) do you go?
  • Mood: Joy
  • Reading: Bean Trees
  • Watching: CaptainSparklez
  • Eating: GUM C:

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